Congressman Xuna?


The election is over!  This independent Candidate received 1,762 votes in District 22 (Broward and Palm Beach Co.)



Excerpts from NEW TIMES (written by Award Winning Journalist BOB NORMAN in his article The Xuna Xone on October 3, 2002: 

bullet "You might not know Juan Xuna from Xanadu, but he should be your next congressman"
bullet " He panders to no one and serves as a tool for no special interests, which is one reason he stands a snowball's chance in Boynton Beach of winning"
bullet" So enter with me, if you dare, the Xuna Xone, where political decency lives and common sense and logic doom campaigns to obscurity"
bullet" He quit his job as a software executive in January to run for office and spent 75 days in parking lots and beaches gathering the 2165 signatures he needed to qualify as a candidate"
bullet" September 11, as he sees it, made it clear that we need to foster better relations in the Middle East, primarily by ending what he calls "total support" of Israel. He believes that, if there is ever to be peace in the region, Israel must become a true democracy -- rather than a theocratic state. OK, that alone will cause him big problems. You lose the Jewish vote, you suffer."
bullet"He's not coming from any religious slant, mind you. In fact, he's brave enough to openly run as an atheist (bye bye, Christians). He is calling to tighten immigration standards (liberals, farewell). And he's stumping to end the embargo on Castro (hasta la vista, Cubanos). He believes strongly in the development of alternative and renewable energy sources. He supports steep oil and gas taxes to discourage consumption and believes in extensive national conservation and energy policies to free us from our dependence on the Arabs, help the world toward a path of peace, and clean up the environment (so much for an endorsement from big business)."
bullet""Since we are unable to get peace in the Middle East, [Bush] is trying to distract Americans to show that we are doing something," Xuna says. "Saddam Hussein is a danger to society, but going into a war with Iraq is extremely dangerous -- not only to our soldiers but to a lot of people in the Middle East. We have to clean up our act in the Middle East and not jump into a war."
bullet"He's the only local politician out there making that stand. And that's why he has my vote in November. If you oppose this war, he should get yours too"
bullet "Enter the Xuna Xone" Broward-Palm Beach New Times
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